Diploma of Pre-Legal Studies

Program description

Osler Education’s Diploma of Pre-Legal Studies is designed for students who are looking to pursue furthering their education in Law but need a foundation to start with. This program will cover a wide range of important topics such as the legal system, criminal law, public law, human rights, and more. Students will also obtain essential skills such as legal research, communication, psychology, and reasoning.

Semester 1

  • Canadian Legal System
  • This course will educate students on the history of the Canadian legal system including how it has evolved to todays standards. This course will focus on the legal system, court system, Canadian Constitution, human rights legislation, and much more.

  • The Justice System
  • Students will be introduced to how the Canadian justice system operates. Students will gain an understanding of how the Canadian police are organized and provide an in-depth perspective from the police and courts. This course will also discuss the classification of criminal offenses.

  • Law & Economics
  • Students will be introduced to the law and economics perspective of the legal system. Students will learn about criminal law, contract law, and tort law.

  • Government & Politics
  • This course will focus on educating students about the basic concepts of Canadian governance and politics. Students will learn about several institutions of the Canadian Government and how these institutions influence and are influenced by current social issues.

  • English & Public Speaking
  • During this course, students will focus on confidently speaking in public with professionalism. Students will learn to express their ideas clearly, and successfully present in front of small to large groups.

Semester 2

  • Corporate Law
  • Students will be introduced to the fundamentals of setting up a business and all the legal necessities that come along with it. Students will learn about potential liability factors, and how to form a legal operating corporation by complying to all the required governing acts.

  • Psychology
  • This course will explore the human behaviour and different states such as motivation, emotion, stress and coping, learning, memory, and perception.

  • Critical Thinking & Reasoning
  • This course will focus on teaching students how to develop or recognize an argument and use problem solving, evidence, and information to support that argument. Students will learn to apply innovative ideas and learn new techniques to generate positive outcomes.

  • Technology & Cyber Laws
  • Students will be introduced to computer misuse, computer evidence, criminal content liability, copy rights, and digital rights. Students will also learn about new cyber law trends such as mobile laws, social media and legal problems, spam laws, and more.

  • Labour & Employment Laws
  • This course will introduce students to employment laws such as regulation and termination of employment, defining a contractor or employee, wrongful dismissal, discrimination, and where employees and employers can refer to this information.

Semester 3

  • Criminology
  • This course will focus on criminal justice, law, and victimization. Students will look at different crimes and identify similarities and differences. This course will also focus on crime prevention and criminal behaviour.

  • Family Law
  • This course will introduce students to policies surrounding marriage, divorce, property settlements, adoption, surrogacy, child support and many other common family law disputes.

  • Civil Procedures
  • Students will be introduced to laws and standards that the courts must follow when deciding a civil lawsuit. This course will discuss what can take place in a civil lawsuit such as motions or pleadings, etc.

  • Leadership, Ethics & Professional Skills
  • Students will be introduced to the basic skills that are essential for being an optimal leader in the workplace. Effective communication and professionalism is essential as well as ethical decision-making. Different leadership styles will be explored which will include how to handle conflict, team organization, team dynamics, and emotional intelligence.

  • Dispute Resolution
  • This course will focus on different techniques for dispute or conflict resolution. Dispute resolution includes several processes such as; mediation, negotiation, and arbitration. Students will explore and use problem-solving skills for underlying causes for disputes.

The objective of the Diploma of Pre-Legal Studies is to facilitate an accessible pathway for students to complete an accelerated diploma program that will lead into their future career in Law. Students gain the essential prerequisite requirements for entrance into Law School. Students will be trained on some of the duties in the law system which include:

                                            - The Canadian Legal System
                                            - Canadian Justice System operations
                                            - The Canadian Government and Politics
                                            - Business and Corporate Law
                                            - Cyber Laws
                                            - Labor Laws
                                            - Conflict and dispute resolution
                                            - Civil procedures

The Pre-Legal Diploma program is an Instructor-led, lecture style diploma program that runs for a period of 42-weeks (1 year); for a total of 350 hours. Professionals whom have extensive experience in the subjects that are being taught will teach the classes. Students will undergo various testing methods including quizzes, tests, and practical assessments.

What are the registration requirements?
  • Completed application form

  • Official transcript(s) from high-school or post-secondary school (18 years of age or older)

  • Color photograph of the applicant

  • Health clearance certificate (student is free of communicable diseases and is up-to-date on immunizations)

  • Proof of English proficiency (IELTS – 6.0 or better); if applicable.

What credential will be awarded upon completion of the Program

Upon successful completion of all academic obligations, students will receive a Diploma of Pre-Legal Studies.

Program delivery

This program is available through distance education (online).

  • Duration 350 hours - 42 weeks
  • Credit 180
  • Semester 3