Phlebotomy & Venipuncture Certificate

Course description

The Phlebotomy & Venipuncture workshop is designed to introduce knowledge, safety, sites and protocol of administering intramuscular injections. Students will learn concepts of drawing blood for specimen collection. Key concepts will include preparation of the site, completing lab requisitions and how to handle the collected specimen.

The Phlebotomy & Venipuncture course is a one-day, 10-hours, certificate workshop, which consists of hands-on training and in-depth knowledge about the various techniques, safety and documentation for phlebotomy & venipuncture.

The objective of the Phlebotomy & Venipuncture certificate course is to learn and apply the principles and protocols of venipuncture in addition safety, sterilization, draw sites, completing lab requisitions, and adequate use of equipment Student will learn about the venipuncture and vacuumed blood collection system, universal safety precautions in handling samples as well as get practical training for blood and specimen collection. Students will also learn how to prepare blood collection sites and the proper management of the collected samples.

This program is for healthcare (medical & nursing) students, physicians, medical staff, medical lab staff and healthcare professionals who would like to get comprehensive knowledge and training for phlebotomy & venipuncture.

What are the registration requirements?
  • Completed application form

What credential will be awarded upon completion of the course

Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive Phlebotomy & Venipuncture Workshop certificate.

Course delivery

This program is available through distance education (online).

  • Duration 10 hours