Human Resources Strategic Leadership Certificate

Course description

The Human Resources Strategic Leadership certificate course at Osler Education is a professional development course designed for individuals who are looking to develop their professional leadership skills and knowledge. Our Human Resources Strategic Leadership certificate course is a professional development course that would help enhance leadership skills to effectively lead human resources departments.

Human Resources Management

Students will be re-introduced to the functions of Human Resources Management. This course will focus on recruitment and selection, development, training, employment law, and compensation. As innovative approaches and techniques are continually being developed, we will provide the most up-to-date relevant information for Human Resources Managers.

Organizational Behavior

This module will focus on the different theories and applications to deal with motivation, conflict, company culture, decision-making, and much more. This course will help learners apply organizational behavior techniques in their environment.

Workplace Communication

This module will focus on healthy communication in the workplace and how to approach stressful situations with professionalism and authority. Learn about different personalities that you may have to interact with and how to communicate effectively.

Performance & Talent Management

Students will learn about measuring team performance as well as individual performance. This course will focus on managing performance and how to implement progress plans to help individuals reach their performance goals.

Workplace Development & Training

This module will focus on implementing strategic training and development plans to help improve the functionality of the workplace. Learners will be able to evaluate the current performance of their workers and evaluate whether it is exceeding, meeting, or below expectations.

Leadership & Accountability

This module will focus on the responsibility of a business and the leaders in that business. Students will learn about ethical and legal responsibilities of these leaders to drive productivity within the team.

Individuals will take away key concepts of being an effective leader in their role as human resources. The Human Resources certificate course will help provide additional professionalism and confidence for individuals in a human resources role.

The Human Resources Strategic Leadership certificate course is a short 40-hour course. The online course spans over an 8-week time period and is broken down into modules and a quiz must be completed at the end of each module. This course is usually over a span of 4 days. It is recommended that notes are taken during class and the Instructors will suggest a recommended reading (if necessary) but a course textbook will not be required. The class instructors are Professionals with extensive experience in the courses that are being taught.

This professional development course is for individuals who are looking to enhance their knowledge and skills to become an effective leader and develop professionally in their role.

What are the registration requirements?
  • Completed application form

  • Educational or professional experience in management or human resources

What credential will be awarded upon completion of the course

Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a Human Resources Strategic Leadership Professional Development certificate.

Course delivery

This program is available through distance education (online).

  • Duration 40 hours