Preventative & Promotive Healthcare

Course description

Osler Education’s Preventative & Promotive Healthcare certificate program provides healthcare professionals with fundamental knowledge for important preventative and promotive skills. Students will gain further knowledge in the most key areas of preventative and promotive areas including creating lifestyle modification programs in hospital or healthcare and clinical facilities, health and disease management, cancer risk factors management, psychology, stress management, nutrition and diet, health and fitness.


This course will discuss the high mortality rate of children caused by malnutrition. Students will learn about the cause of malnutrition amongst different populations and how we are working towards improving nutrition amongst these populations.

Non-Communicable Diseases

This course will focus on the several types of non- communicable diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, obesity, etc. NCD’s are the leading cause of deaths in the world, a majority in low-income countries.


Students will focus on human behavior, learning behaviors, memory, intelligence, social factors, personality and other principles that makeup psychology.


This course will focus on understanding the common causes of depression, whether it be from medication, lifestyle, family, environment, etc. Students will learn how to identify depression including severity. Management techniques will be discussed to help patients better manage their depression and symptoms.

Stress Management

This course will focus on identifying stressors and how they can impact an individual as well as environment and group. Students will learn different management techniques such as having an active lifestyle, diverse ways to relax, nutrition and sleep.

Health & Lifestyle

Students will learn about promoting a healthy lifestyle along with how to make healthy lifestyle changes. Encouraging patients to have an active lifestyle or start including healthy activities such as walking, swimming, or going to a fitness facility.

Cancer Risk Factors Management

It hasn’t been pinpointed what exactly can cause cancer, but this course will review what research has shown as risk factors for cancer. Topics will include exposure to chemicals, genetics, and age. Students will also learn who is more likely and less likely to develop cancer.

Health & Disease Management

This course will focus on disease prevention and management. Students will learn about evidence-based practices associated with disease management. People living with chronic diseases will also be discussed and how they can manage their disease and prevent any further risks.

Individuals will take away key concepts of Preventative & Promotive Healthcare. The Preventative & Promotive Healthcare Certificate course may help provide additional insight, understanding, and techniques to persons already working in the healthcare field about health promotion and disease prevention.

The Preventative & Promotive Healthcare certificate course runs for 8-weeks through our Self Pace (distance/online education) course. The Self Pace course is broken down into self-study modules and students are evaluated final examinations for each module. It is recommended that notes are taken during class and the Instructors will provide a list of the recommended readings/textbooks. The class instructors are Professionals with extensive experience in the courses that are being taught.

This course is specifically designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of medical students/graduates, residents, healthcare professionals, community and social workers, educators and law enforcement officials who work with children with health promotion and disease prevention.

What are the registration requirements?
  • Completed application form

  • Educational or professional experience in healthcare

What credential will be awarded upon completion of the course

Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a Preventative and Promotive Healthcare Professional Development certificate.

Course delivery

This program is available through distance education (online).

  • Duration 40 hours