History Taking & Physical Assessment Certificate

Course description

Osler Education’s History Taking & Physical Assessment certification course provides medical students and professionals with in-depth knowledge of various history taking and physical assessment methods methods. Our knowledgeable and professional instructors will educate through practical and theoretical methods.

This course provides details of better understanding the motives behind all of the interview questions and learning how to conduct a focused patient interview and patient physical exam.

The objective of the History Taking Physical Assessment certificate course is to learn and apply the principles of taking a safe and structured patient history. Students will learn to perform a complete structured physical examination for each of the major body systems and be able to identify normal and common abnormal findings during their patient encounter. Students will learn how to document their findings in a clear and concise manner.

The History Taking & Physical Assessment course is a two-day, 20-hours, certificate workshop, which consists of hands- on training and in-depth knowledge about the various techniques for attaining a patient history and conducting a patient physical examination.

This program is for healthcare students and professionals who would like to get comprehensive knowledge of history taking and how to adequately conduct a physical patient assessment.

What are the registration requirements?
  • Completed application form

What credential will be awarded upon completion of the course

Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive WHistory Taking & Physical Assessment Workshop certificate.

Course delivery

This program is available through distance education (online).

  • Duration 20 hours