Diploma of Social Innovation in Finance

Course description

Osler Education’s Diploma of Social Innovation in Finance provides entrepreneurs with fundamental knowledge of important social innovation techniques. Students will gain further knowledge in the most key areas of social innovation including technology, entrepreneurship, collaboration, and more. We enable our students to partake in greater learning opportunities provided through Osler Education. Our knowledgeable and professional instructors not only educate, but also tutor and advise the students throughout the course of their study. Students are instructed based on an adaptive curriculum, which will set a solid foundation for students to build upon through their experiences.

Making Changes with Social Innovation

This is an introductory course outlining what is social innovation. Students will be introduced to the history and the different variations of social innovation within corporate world.

Measuring Social Impact

There are many ways to measure social impact and this course will discuss the several types of measurements such as statistics and case studies.

Social Innovation & Creativity

Students will discuss strategies and techniques that may be used to for creation of social innovation. The class will discuss business ideas and work together in groups to create a business plan.

Collaborative Strategies

Collaboration has a substantial impact on the success of many large organizations. This course will look at the collaboration of well-known and successful organizations that we know today and the pros and cons of collaborating.

Positive Investing for Social Innovation

In todays society, investors are looking to make a positive social change but also a positive return on their investment. This course will cover several examples of impact investing for a positive social outcome.

Global Finance

Students will learn how global institutions function internationally and the economic conditions that influence how they function.

The objective of the Diploma of Social Innovation in Finance is to increase the student’s ability to create a social impact by using collaborative methods to generate comprehensive and risk taking strategies. Students will understand various approaches to financial social innovation, including public and corporate social innovation.

The Social Innovation in Finance program is an Instructor-led, lecture style diploma program that runs for a period of 28-weeks; 3-days a week for a total of 144 hours. It is recommended that notes are taken during class and the Instructors will suggest recommended reading but textbooks are not required. The textbook will be a good source to follow and even after the program are complete. Professionals whom have extensive experience in the subjects that are being taught teach the classes.

This program is for professionals in the public, private and non-profit sectors; community leaders and business leaders who want to find effective and viable solutions to multifaceted problems.

What are the registration requirements?
  • Completed application form

  • Education or professional experience in healthcare, technology, business or finance

  • Color photograph of the applicant

  • Resume or Personal Statement. A personal statement is summary of the students’ interests, goals, personal attributes, etc. that can classify the student as a suitable candidate for the program of their interest. Please limit personal statements to 500 words.

  • Proof of English proficiency (IELTS – 6.0 or better); if applicable.

What credential will be awarded upon completion of the course

Upon successful completion of all academic obligations, students will receive a Diploma of Social Innovation in Finance.

Course delivery

This program is available through distance education (online).

  • Duration 144 hours - 28 weeks
  • Credit 180
  • Semester 12